What's Falaphol?

Falaphol is a simple photo viewer for Windows, designed to show the most common formats - and Leica DNGs as fast as possible - keeping the photo at the same zoom level and position when switching between different photos (an infuriating omission in some viewers), and zooming in and out with the mouse wheel, relative to the mouse pointer (by choice).

Falaphol is designed on and for Windows 10, but also works fine on Windows 7 (most likely also on Vista / Windows 8, but was not tested on those platforms).

Falaphol doesn't do slideshows, albums, stories or add music. I consider it a simple photography tool for quick viewing and a bit of comparing, for me personally most useful because of the DNG addition.

Falaphol can handle JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP and for some people (like myself) most importantly: DNGs from Leica cameras (as fast as I could get it possible).

Opening DNGs is slow, because they're raw. They need to be interpolated, expanded to 16-bit, gamma corrected, tone-curved and last but not least, converted to the right colorspace and transferred to bitmap. Then some cameras rely on the fixing of distortion, which also can eat away quite a bit of time. And to complicate: DNGs nowadays are huge in size. Obviously, the bigger they are, the more time it takes (in general, a doubling in dimensions takes four times longer to process). The S, S2 and Q2 are quite problematic in that respect.

Falaphol has a few tricks under its virtual hood to make this process less painful:

o Uses the fastest - but not so great quality-wise - bilinear interpolation algorithm.

o In the settings you can request a 1:2, 1:4 or even a 1:8 version... for viewing M9 / M10 / M files I think 1:4 is fine, and a lot faster... Q2 owners (huge files) might consider the 1:8 setting to be okay... there's also a neat trick setting: 1:1 progressive. That one starts with a fast 1:4 image and then loads the 1:1 in the background, allowing you to view other photos in between.

o You can skip applying the tone curve... makes for less vibrant images, but is faster.

o You can skip applying lens correction on cameras that use it (CL, Q, Q2, T and SL)... shows more distortion, but is a lot faster.

o Results are cached... if you don't change the settings in between, a next time around the viewing will be even faster.

Falaphol currently supports DNGs from:

o Leica M8
o Leica M9
o Leica MM
o Leica M (type 240 / 246 / 262)
o Leica M10
o Leica Q
o Leica Q2
o Leica S
o Leica S2
o Leica SL
o Leica T [see note down below: the T DNGs do not play nice with Windows 10 if you have the Adobe DNG Codec installed]
o Leica TL [see note down below: the TL DNGs do not play nice with Windows 10 if you have the Adobe DNG Codec installed]
o Leica TL2 [see note down below: the TL2 DNGs do not play nice with Windows 10 if you have the Adobe DNG Codec installed]
o Leica CL
o DNGMonochrome

On the Adobe DNG Codec and the Leica T, TL & TL2 DNG

You can also try the Adobe DNG Codec, which does seem to work quite okay with the older Windows photo viewer (called 'Windows Photo Viewer'), but on my system doesn't do anything for DNG when opened with the Windows 10 photo viewer (called 'Photos'). In 'Photos' it still only shows the embedded preview. It was another reason I decided to take matters into my own hands. For Falaphol you do not need the Adobe Codec on your Windows 10 system. On Windows 7 the DNG Codec might be the smarter solution.

Problem with Leica T / TL & TL2 DNGs: For some reason the Leica T DNG (in all varieties) crashes the Windows 10 metadatahandler.dll if Adobe DNG Codec is installed. The crash occurs in the Open dialog of Falaphol (only on Leica T / TL & TL2 DNGs): Falaphol will suddenly close, without warning, after clicking on such a DNG. Falaphol has a work-around implemented, but that one only works if you run Falaphol under Administrator rights. Another work-around is to make sure the Preview pane on the right of the Open dialog is closed, before you select the DNG. If the Preview pane is open, you can close it by clicking the 'Hide preview pane' button at the top-right of the Open dialog window. Opening Falaphol directly by double clicking on a T / TL / TL2 DNG or selecting 'Open with...' and pointing to Falaphol, poses no problem and works fine. This crash is limited and connected to the Preview pane of the T / TL & TL2 DNG in the Open dialog (right click in Falaphol -> Open...) in combination with the Adobe DNG Codec. Uninstalling the DNG Codec is also a solution obviously - the DNGs will then no longer show up in the Preview pane, so the Preview can no longer cause the crash - but that might not be an option if the codec is used by other applications.


DNG from a trip to Hiroshima, Leica M-D... underneath thumbnails of all the DNGs in the same folder...

Settings version 1.0.0


Falaphol 64-bit version 1.1.1.

Falaphol 32-bit version 1.1.1.

Release 1.1.1 at 21 October 2019
Fixes graphical issue with some DNGs, where the upscaled preview image was slightly larger than the final result, leading to a small jump of the image when fully loaded.
Fixes issue with the SL DNG, which caused the preview image to be too small in height (this led to a similar jump as in previous point).
Fixes 'About' window falling behind the main window when selecting 'About...' in Full Screen mode, leading to a freeze (you could get out of it with the space bar).
Adds the 'Center' option to the right click menu.

Release 1.1.0 at 18 October 2019
Adds option to change the background color through Settings.
Improves zooming: no more blinking between the different zoom states and faster mouse response.
Fixes some problems with zooming that only showed up on Windows 7.

Release 1.0.3 at 15 October 2019
Fixes calculation bug when switching between photos in 'Fit' mode.

Release 1.0.2 at 13 October 2019
Small graphical improvement in the zooming.

Release 1.0.1 at 12 October 2019
Adds support for the Leica TL and Leica TL2.

... falaphol is freeware and does not contain adware or spyware...

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