A 'What's Playing' for iTunes on Windows          
    Freeware for PC/Windows 10 - version 1.1          
    DEVELOPMENT NEWS          

Note that iTunes 12.7 to 12.7.3 contains a bug, which prevents MyTunes from working properly. This issue has been fixed by Apple in iTunes 12.7.4.

Version 1.1.0 released [25 February 2018]

- There's now a 64-bit version for 64-bit Windows
- Album art can now be scaled on a percentage of the height of the main window (see settings)
- You can specify a different font per genre (see settings)
- Fixes: style of the set fonts was never properly registered and didn't work (bold / italic / underline etc.)

Version 1.0.3 released [5 June 2016]

- Fixes a wrong font setting for the Track name, preventing certain fonts to show properly

Version 1.0.2 released [31 May 2016]

- Fixes some minor memory leaks
- Fixes double click with hidden mouse in full screen not bringing back the mouse
- Changes the album art handling to show the full gradient background, when it's art that's not perfectly square (when the setting 'Proportional' is selected)

Version 1.0.1 released [30 May 2016]

- Fixes background of album art not changing color (when the image was not perfectly square and 'Proportional' was selected).

    WHAT MYTUNES DOES...          
  So you have iTunes running on an old (or new) laptop, a DAC capable of receiving the digital signal directly from your laptop and the DAC hooked up to your audio system (or no DAC at all, directly out to in from laptop to amplifier), possibly operating iTunes through Apple Remote or an Android remote on your mobile phone, and you think: wouldn't it be nice if I could actually see really big on the laptop screen what's playing? Well, that is my situation and exactly what I was thinking. But strangely enough, I couldn't find any applications out there doing that. Eventually, tired of my unproductive search, I decided to write my own.

So, if you ever had the same thought and couldn't find the right software, try MyTunes.
  • Shows title, artist, composer and album of the currently playing track (composer can be turned off through the settings)
  • Shows corresponding cover (if any) in preferred size (extra small to extra large)
  • Uses the coloring of the cover (if any) for background color and text
  • Shows technical information of the playing track (can be turned off through the settings)
  • Shows progress bar of the playing track (can be turned off through the settings)
  • Fade effect between tracks (optional)
  • Dim effect on longer tracks (optional, with timer)
  • Colors, font style and size and effects can all be customized
  • Option to go full screen
  • If you use coloring through cover art, there is a bit of randomness built in, so the same track will not color the same a next time
  • simple play buttons for when in full screen (play, pause, previous and next)
The software only works with iTunes. Also, the coloring through cover art can sometimes deliver nasty color combinations. Red text on blue backgrounds, that sort of thing. There is already a bit of smartness going on within the algorithm, to avoid color combinations that don't have enough contrast, but recognising 'wrong' combinations isn't easy. I do hope to eventually improve the algorithm - there is enough theory around to make this work better - but it requires some good examples passing my own screen. I would say for my own collection (some 500 covers): 90% of the time the color combinations are fine.

And to give you an impression of how complex this can get, see the CIEDE2000 algorithm. MyTunes uses the CIE94 method, to make sure text color is a certain distance apart from the background color, but that doesn't really help the nasty combinations of say red text on a blue background or green text on a yellow background. They can be apart far enough, but still not look very pleasant. I have not found a good solution for that specific problem yet.

The following screenshots were mostly taken with the default Times New Roman font (you can change that to any font or size you want, limited to a max of 72 points) - except the last three - and the composer / technical field turned off - except in the first one. The bar under the cover art is the progress bar (it shrinks during playback). The last two screenshots have a bigger cover art size (you can set it from extra small to extra large).

    SCREENSHOTS VERSION 1.0          

  • Windows 10 (also works on Windows 7 - Vista and 8 not tested).
  • iTunes (any version beyond 9 should work - note though the problems with iTunes 12.7 to 12.7.3 on the top of this page)
  • Certain color combinations can sometimes be a bit awkward, depending on the cover art. You can set your own colors through the settings if your cover art doesn't perform very well or if you don't like the changing tracks.
  • If the text is longer than your screen, it's simply cut off. There is no scrolling or fading or any other solution. If you have many tracks with text running off, turn your font a bit smaller (or select a really narrow one).
  • You have to start iTunes through MyTunes, else it won't work. Make sure iTunes isn't already running before you start MyTunes. When you close MyTunes it will also close iTunes.
  • If the taskbar does not want to go away when MyTunes is switched to full screen, click on the taskbar, then click in the MyTunes screen. Now it should disappear.
  • Internet Explorer (possibly other browsers too) might complain about an untrusted file during setup, since the setup file is not digitally signed or the browser might tell you this software isn't commonly downloaded (this site doesn't generate much traffic, so they're right there). You can safely ignore those warnings (although I do realise you don't have any reason to trust me, so for what it's worth...).
  • MyTunes is freeware and does not contain ad- or spyware. Enjoy.

Download MyTunes setup program for Windows - 32 bit

Download MyTunes setup program for Windows - 64 bit (important: uninstall the 32-bit version first, through the official uninstaller, if you're updating)


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    Version 1.0 - 29 May 2016          
  • First release...