Shooting tethered with the Leica M9          
    Freeware for PC/Windows 7          

Since version 2.1 you can scale M9Tether to show the main window larger or smaller than the default.

This option was added to support tablet use, for which some of the controls are rather small.

To scale the application, locate M9Tether.ini on your computer. After a default installation and successful use of M9Tether (at least once) M9Tether.ini can be found in the folder 'C:\Users\<yourfolder>\AppData\Roaming'. The AppData folder might be hidden, depending on your settings, since it's a system folder. If you can't reach it, do a search for M9Tether.ini within the Users folder or paste the full path into the address bar.

Open M9Tether.ini (e.g. with Notepad) and under the section [Main] fill in:


Save the ini file.

M9Tether should now start up bigger than the default.

You can also fill in an even larger (or smaller value) to show M9Tether even bigger, or smaller than the default. If the value gets too high and M9Tether drops off the screen, buttons might get mangled. Advise is to keep the size within the screen limits.

The default value (for the regular size of M9Tether) is 100.

So if you want to get back to the regular size, either fill in Scale=100, or delete the line 'Scale=###' from the ini file.

Note that it's essential that you put the line 'Scale=###' (where ### represents the value) under the heading [Main]. If you put it somewhere else this won't work. The whole section should look something like this:


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