WHAT'S EXIFShredder?

EXIFShredder removes selected EXIF properties (the ones exposed by Windows) of a JPG / GIF / PNG / TIF / DNG, through the right click menu. All the available fields can be chosen seperately for shredding, through the settings window.

So how is this different than going through Properties -> Details -> Remove Properties and Personal Information -> Switch to another window -> Select the right radio button -> Make a selection of what you want to remove... Yes, that's exhausting. With EXIFShredder you right click on the image, select EXIFShredder -> Shred. And that's it. What to shred, you set in advance, through Settings. One time selection, shred, shred, shred.

EXIFShredder gives you control over some 145 properties and their values, lurking in your images (including GPS). Some of this information you might not want to be sending out when you upload your photos.

EXIFShredder is also able to present a list with all the set properties, for a quick overview of what's in your image, and you can auto-fill some fields with preset information (e.g. the copyright property).


Properties after selecting 'Properties' from the right click EXIFShredder menu... items in red are set to be shredded...


Coming soon...

... exifshredder is freeware and does not contain adware or spyware...